Let’s move this party to Mexico!

Atlanta was fun, but it's time to ratchet this party up a notch. Day 3 of our girls' "weekend" starts with an early morning wake-up call to ensure that we don't miss our flight to Cancun. Our airport "chauffeur," Bill (who greatly resembles our grillmaster from the night before), is prompt, efficient and congenial despite … Continue reading Let’s move this party to Mexico!

Yogurt-and-Herb Marinated Pork Kebabs

My love affair with yogurt began about 10 years ago. Not the sweet, fruity kind of yogurt...but good old plain yogurt, or Greek yogurt as it's commonly called in the States. As I traveled extensively through Turkey, the Middle East, Northern Africa and India, I noticed a common thread among these very diverse cultures -- … Continue reading Yogurt-and-Herb Marinated Pork Kebabs

North By Northwest

I'm happy to report that I survived the 750-mile road trip from my parents' house in Asheville, NC back home to Chicago. If you think that doesn't sound like an accomplishment worthy of recognition, you obviously don't know how much I abhor road trips, a decades-long aversion which I directly attribute to haunting childhood memories … Continue reading North By Northwest

Kentucky Pride

I don't usually review restaurants...the purpose of my blog is to encourage people to eat in. (Although, would I love to be a restaurant reviewer? Hell, yeah!). But I had an unexpected experience last night which inspired me to temporarily stray from my typical 2peasinapod path and write about a particular deserved restaurant, even though … Continue reading Kentucky Pride