Day-by-Day in PDX — Part II

Living like locals in Portland, OR - our 2-week experiment (cont'd) From farmer's markets to Da Bears... Day 4: It's Saturday, and you know what that's farmer's market time! Portland has more farmer's markets per capita than any other city and for good reason -- it's literally surrounded by farms on all sides.  Fruit … Continue reading Day-by-Day in PDX — Part II

Day-by-Day in PDX – Part 1

Living like locals in Portland - Our 2-week Experiment Our families and friends don't understand why we want to move to Oregon. Why would we want to give up all the comforts of the Midwest to pack up and move halfway across the country? To that I say, why wouldn't we? Well, to all the naysayers, … Continue reading Day-by-Day in PDX – Part 1

Tuscany’s Timeless Treasures

Part Due: The riches of the Montepulciano Region “In vino veritas.” (In wine there is truth.) – Pliny, the Elder, 23-79 A.D.      Italy, though smaller in size than France or California, is actually the world’s largest wine-producing country and one of the oldest, dating back to Etruscan times (from which the name 'Tuscany' is … Continue reading Tuscany’s Timeless Treasures

Flea Market Finds

Who doesn't love a great flea market? (OK, probably a lot of people, but that's really not relevant right now because WE love flea markets!) If you're willing to put the time and the effort into the "hunt," flea markets can be super  fun, fabulous and fulfilling.  I'm especially lucky because my husband, Mike, actually … Continue reading Flea Market Finds